Rainbow Patchwork Cushion Cover

Rainbow Patchwork Cushion Cover


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A wonderful mix of plant dyed linen, cotton and velvet fabrics are cut into triangles and meticulously sewn together to create this lovely patchwork piece.

Natural dyes such as madder, weld, rosemary, lavender, chlorophyll, ivy leaves, walnut, black tea, rooibos, pomegranate and avocado stones are used to give beautiful, natural colours to the fabrics.

Plant dyeing is a wonderfully, slow process that takes several weeks. Before it is dyed, the fabric is soaked in a soya solution which acts a bit like a fixative, bonding the colour pigments to the fabric. The plants are gently heated in a pan in my kitchen to extract the dye pigment, before fabrics are soaked in the gem coloured water to infuse them with dye. The whole process takes anything up to four weeks to complete.

Once the fabrics are dry, I hand cut them into triangles before pairing them up in harmonising colours, before being sewn together to make the cushion cover.

This giant cushion is fully lined and edged with an organic cotton fringing. It features a simple envelope closure at the back, avoiding the need for any fiddly zips.

The details: 50 x 50 cm | 100% Cotton, Linen & Velvet | Unbleached Cotton fringe trim | Multicoloured

Each one of these patchwork cushion covers is unique, but if you have a preference for specific colours please contact me after ordering and I will do my best to accommodate.

Each item is made to order so expect your cushion to arrive 4-5 weeks after purchasing.


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