Dyeing with Tea (and other hot drinks) ebook

Dyeing with Tea (and other hot drinks) ebook


'Dyeing with tea (and other hot drinks)' contains 7 easy to make dye recipes and 7 different projects to make that show off the dyes wonderfully.

You will learn how to tie dye a t-shirt yellow, make a beautiful dip dyed cushion and much more. The book covers the magic method of using Soya milk to fix the colours, the tools and equipment you need (hint: it's nothing fancy) and explains about different fabrics and the best ones to use with plant dyeing.

I decided to write a guide to dyeing with tea because I wanted to make botanical dyeing accessible and achievable for everyone. Although the word ‘botanical’ conjures up visions of flowers like Lavender and Roses and therefore might not immediately be associated with the favourite British hot beverage, tea is, after all, made from the Camellia sinensis plant, or ‘Tea Plant’ to call it by it’s common name. 

“Early on during my experiments with plant dyes I realised that dyeing with plants was something that I wanted to share with everyone. I was completely captivated by the secret colours that plants held and I wanted to spread the magic of plants as far and as wide as I could.

I settled on tea (and other hot drinks) for being the easiest way to experiment with plant dyes because some - if not all - of them will probably be in your kitchen cupboards already and they are really easy to make a dye from. In some cases is really is not harder than boiling the kettle and popping a few tea bags in hot water”.

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