Dyeing with Avocado ebook

Dyeing with Avocado ebook


If you are new to plant dyeing then avocados are a great place to start, mainly because they are very easy to dye with. Avocados were one of my first botanical dye experiments and its easy to see why.

They are readily available, they almost always produce consistent results and aren’t affected by the pH of the water. Avocado dyes are also light and colour fast, meaning that you can create textiles that will look beautiful for a long time. 

Botanical dyeing not only gives you a chance to experiment and be creative but it also encourages you to step outside your front door and explore natures offerings. The method that I talk about in this book doesn’t require you to buy any specialist equipment, in fact you may already have everything you need to begin your dyeing journey straight away.

2600 words

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"Thank you for the link to your avocado dyeing ebook. Though I already dye with them, the technique you have developed sparks great joy for me.  I hated the soak, dry, soak, dry, soak again while the soya is getting more and more and more nasty in the process.  So I just quit doing it, esp in the hot, humid summer I live in.  Now you have opened this dye process up for me again.  THANK YOU so much."

MJ Martin , A happy customer, 2018