October FAQ

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At the beginning of each month I open up a question and answer over on Instagram, answering your most common plant dyeing questions. 

My dyes seem to give a brighter colour at first and then turn dull. When do you stop and start over?

I'm not sure if you mean while you are making the dye and dying the fabric...or if you mean the actual fabric once it has been dyed, so I will answer both. Using a too high temperature when extracting the colour from plants or dyeing the fabric can cause it to discolour and turn brownish, particularly if you are working with flowers, as these are much more delicate than leaves, bark and many vegetable peels. With regards to the actual fabric fading once it has been dyed, some plant colours - no matter what you do - will always fade, but the great thing is that there is usually other alternatives that make the same colour.

alicia hall